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Psychological support for KISD doctoral students

Mental health is an important part of the modern understanding of health. Proper mental health plays an important role in our self-development, work organisation or building interpersonal relationships.

The Krakow School of Interdisciplinary PhD Studies, through its cooperation with the Science Watch Polska Foundation, offers its doctoral students the opportunity to receive ad hoc psychological assistance. The Science Watch Polska Foundation runs psychotherapeutic shifts and provides individual meetings with qualified psychotherapists. The service is also provided in English.

The on-call schedule is available on the foundation’s website. In order to make an appointment for a consultation, please contact Dr Agnieszka Staszczyk or Dr Aleksandra Nowak-Gruca, Professor of Psychotherapy, at the dates and times stated on the website.

Please note that the psychotherapeutic emergency service is not a substitute for psychological therapy, which is indicated for complex and long-term difficulties.