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Recruitment for a project

Recruitment to KISD takes place:
1)within the limits of places financed by the subsidy – more details: GENERAL RECRUITMENT
2) as part of funds other than subsidies: grants, programs, projects – details below
Applying to KISD- step by step_Instruction

Recruitment to KISD under grant funds/projects/programmes takes place outside the limits indicated in the general recruitment for a given academic year. Recruitment is conducted at the request of the appropriate Deputy Director of the Doctoral School. The application submitted to the KISD Director must be approved by the appropriate Director of the Unit being an institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences or AGH Rector. In accordance with the decision of the KISD Program Board admission of PhD students under grants is possible only at the beginning of the winter semester (at the beginning of October) and at the beginning of the summer semester (at the beginning of March). Continuous recruitment is not possible.

Candidates interested in studying at KISD can check the current recruitment announcements for the project at the relevant units of the doctoral school.

Recruitment procedures for projects in KISD units:

Funding doctoral scholarships through grants