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Current recruitment procedures for projects:

Recruitment procedure for the research topic (details of the procedure at the link)Candidate for doctoral supervisorRecruitment application periodDate of recruitment announcement
Developments for the ATLAS Inner Tracker (ITk) upgrade at HL-LHC and evaluation of the potential for measurement VBF H->WW at HL-LHCdr hab. inż. Ewa Stanecka19.06.2023- 23.06.202318.05.2023
The P-ONE experiment: analysis of first datadr hab. Paweł Malecki19.06.2023- 23.06.202318.05.2023
Developing new methods of analysis of data from the Pierre Auger Observatorydr hab. Jan Pękala19.06.2023- 23.06.202318.05.2023
Legacy of airborne particulate contaminaton on Norwegian Glaciersdr hab. inż. Edyta Łokas19.06.2023- 23.06.202318.05.2023
Studies of the electronic structure of aggregates between metal nanoparticles and metal oxide nanoparticles, amyloid beta peptides (with and without the presence of
human S100B protein) or human cystatin C using X-ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS)
prof. dr hab. Wojciech Kwiatek19.06.2023- 23.06.202319.05.2023
Imaging of biological membranes using nanospectroscopy with polarization modulationdr hab. Katarzyna Pogoda19.06.2023- 23.06.202319.05.2023
The effect of a local electromagnetic field enhancement in the study of membrane vesicles using the AFM-IR techniquedr hab. Katarzyna Pogoda19.06.2023- 23.06.202319.05.2023
Photon induced processes – from phenomenology to the ATLAS experimentdr hab. Mariola Kłusek-Gawenda19.06.2023- 23.06.202319.05.2023