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Current recruitment procedures for projects:

Recruitment procedure for the research topic (details of the procedure at the link)Candidate for doctoral supervisorRecruitment application periodDate of recruitment announcement
High-resolution, correlative imaging of endothelial cells in the nichedr hab. Bartłomiej Zapotoczny02.01.2024-08.01.2024
Recruitment completed:
Studies of photon–photon interactions using Run 3 LHC datadr hab. Marcin Wolter21.08.2023-25.08.202321.07.2023
Developments for the ATLAS Inner Tracker (ITk) upgrade at HL-LHC and evaluation of the potential for measurement VBF H->WW at HL-LHCdr hab. inż. Ewa Stanecka21.08.2023-25.08.202321.07.2023
Studies of the electronic structure of aggregates between metal nanoparticles and metal oxide nanoparticles, amyloid beta peptides (with and without the presence of
human S100B protein) or human cystatin C using X-ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS)
prof. dr hab. Wojciech Kwiatek21.08.2023-25.08.202321.07.2023
Imaging of biological membranes using nanospectroscopy with polarization modulationdr hab. Katarzyna Pogoda21.08.2023-25.08.202328.07.2023
The effect of a local electromagnetic field enhancement in the study of membrane vesicles using the AFM-IR techniquedr hab. Katarzyna Pogoda21.08.2023-25.08.202328.07.2023
Recruitment completed:
The P-ONE experiment: analysis of first datadr hab. Paweł Malecki19.06.2023- 23.06.202318.05.2023
Developing new methods of analysis of data from the Pierre Auger Observatorydr hab. Jan Pękala19.06.2023- 23.06.202318.05.2023
Legacy of airborne particulate contaminaton on Norwegian Glaciersdr hab. inż. Edyta Łokas19.06.2023- 23.06.202318.05.2023
Photon induced processes – from phenomenology to the ATLAS experimentdr hab. Mariola Kłusek-Gawenda19.06.2023- 23.06.202319.05.2023