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General Recruitment

Recruitment to KISD takes place:
1)within the limits of places financed by the subsidy – GENERAL RECRUITMENT (details below)
2) as part of funds other than subsidies: grants, programs, projects – more details PROJECT RECRUITMENT
Applying to KISD- step by step_Instruction

General Recruitment 2024/2025

Lists of admissions
Ranking lists by KISD units
Schedule of exams by KISD units

Admission limits for a given discipline

Recruitment for the academic year 2024/2025 is carried out in the following disciplines:

  • physical sciences:
    • IFJ PAN – limit of 6 PhD students,
    • AGH – limit of 0 PhD students,
  • chemical sciences:
    • IKiFP PAN – limit of 3 PhD students,
  • medical sciences and pharmaceutical sciences:
    • IF PAN – limit of 0 PhD students,
  • materials engineering:
    • IMIM PAN – limit of 1 PhD student,
    • AGH – limit of 0 PhD students,
  • environmental engineering, mining and energy:
    • IMG PAN- limit of 4 PhD students,
    • IGSMiE PAN- limit of 2 PhD students.

Research topics

A detailed description of research topics in individual units of the doctoral school, including contact details of the candidate for the supervisor and requirements for the candidate for the doctoral student is available in the Research Topics tab

Application documents

  • Recruitment application form with list of attachments to be downloaded from the website: Application documents
  • The signed RODO clause should be attached to the application form

Schedule of the recruitment procedure and method of submitting applications

Submitting recruitment application:

  1. Traditional poste – address: Krakowska Interdyscyplinarna Szkoła Doktorska, Instytut Fizyki Jądrowej PAN, ul. Radzikowskiego 152, 31-342 Kraków from 24.06.2024 to 28.06.2024 .
  2. ePUAPfrom 24.06.2024 to 28.06.2024; the originals of the documents sent by ePUAP should be presented to the KISD secretariat to confirm compliance with the original, no later than the qualifying examination date;
  3. In person – address: Krakowska Interdyscyplinarna Szkoła Doktorska, Instytut Fizyki Jądrowej PAN, ul. Radzikowskiego 152, 31-342 Kraków, at the KISD secretary office (building no 5, ground floor, room. 5224) from 24.06.2024 to 28.06.2024, opening hours 9.00am – 2.00pm.
  4. Through the attorney – from 24.06.2024 to 28.06.2024; Candidates who cannot submit applications on their own (especially foreign candidates) must have a representative in Poland acting as the attorney to transmit and receive all documents (application with attachments and decisions administrative) on behalf of the candidate. The documents must be accompanied by a signed power of attorney.
Formal verification of applications:till 10.07.2024
Announcement of a detailed schedule of exams for applicants:till 12.07.2024
Exams for applicants to KISD (any possible changes should be posted at the school’s website)15-18.07.2024
Publication of ranking lists:till 22.07.2024 
Publication of the list of PhD students:till 24.07.2024
Deadline for submitting the declaration on not undertaking training in any other PhD School:till 31.07.2024 2.00 pm.
Announcement of supplementary recruitmenttill 08.08.2024

Important! If it is not possible to deliver a diploma of completion of MA (or related) studies within the deadline for submitting documents due to waiting for the defense of the master’s thesis, it is allowed to provide a certificate of graduation and waiting for the defense of the master’s thesis, along with an indication of the date of defense.

The candidate is conditionally admitted to recruitment and is obliged to deliver the diploma by the date of the KISD qualification exams (at least one working day before the exam).

The scope of the examinations

Scope of the examination PL/ENG

Examination commissions in KISD units

Lists of admissions in previous recruitments:

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