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General regulations

Act of 20 July 2018The Law on Higher Education and Science

Internal regulations

  • Agreement on establishing a PhD School (download)
  • Training Program of the Krakow School of Interdisciplinary PhD Studies (download)
  • Recruitment regulations(download)
  • Organizational regulations on education (download)
  • Agreement on joining IMG PAN to KISD (PL: download)


  • Decree No. 1/2019 PhD School (download)
  • Decree No. 2/2019 PhD School (download)
  • Decree No. 3/2019 PhD School (download)
  • Decree No. 1/2020 PhD School (PL: download)
  • Decree No. 1/2020 PhD School (PL: download)
  • Decree No. 1/2021 PhD School (PL: download)
  • Decree No. 2/2021 PhD School (PL: download)
  • Decree No. 3/2021 PhD School_detailed procedure for conducting the mid-term evaluation (download)
  • Decree No. 4/2021 PhD School (PL:download)
  • Decree No. 5/2021 PhD School (PL: download)

For students


  • Consent to to take up the function of a supervisor for the recruitment process doc
  • Application form: doc, pdf
  • Declaration on undertaking training at the KISD (pdf download, doc download)
  • RODO clause (consent for personal data to be processed for the purpose of the recruitment procedure) (download)
  • Power of attorney- for the recruitment procedure (ENG): doc

Training at KISD

KISD presentation template