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Recruitment to KISD takes place:
1)within the limits of places financed by the subsidy – more details: GENERAL RECRUITMENT
2) as part of funds other than subsidies: grants, programs, projects: RECRUITMENT FOR A PROJECT

General recruitment 2024/2025Recruitment for a project

Applying to KISD- step by step

Step 1 – choose a research topic and get approval from the supervisor

General recrutiment- the current list of research topics with a description of the topics is available on the Research topics page

Recruitment for a project- the current list of research topics with a description is available at the relevant project recruitment announcement

The research topic description also contains the contact to the candidate for supervisor. Contact with the candidate for a superior is necessary, because his consent to to take up the function of a supervisor within a proposed research topic is needed for the recruitment process. Consent template available here.

Step 2 – prepare and complete application documents

1. Application form doc, pdf

2. Attachments to application form:

  • CV
  • Cover letter signed by the applicant
  • Consent of a person proposing a research subject to take up the position of a supervisor doc
  • Diploma of completion of MA (or related) studies or a certificate of their completion (with Master degree or equivalent entitling to apply for the award of a degree of doctor in the country in the education system of which the higher education institution which issued it operates degree)
  • Information on average overall grade – a diploma supplement or certificate.
  • Reference of an MA thesis supervisor or head of a research group in which the candidate works (forwarded directly to the KISD Secretariat)
  • Letters of recommendation (optional) not older than 12 months, sent directly to the KISD Secretariat by the person giving the recommendation
  • List of scientific record and achievements, including the copies of (first pages) of papers/posters, internship completion certificates, award certificates etc. documenting the candidate’s accomplishments according to Annex no. 1 to the application form: doc, pdf. Points for attachments should be calculated according to the Scoring Tables in Appendix 4 of the Recruitment Regulations.
  • 2 candidate’s photographs (ID format) and 1 photograph in an digital form

3. The signed RODO clause (consent for personal data to be processed for the purpose of the recruitment procedure) pdf

Important! If it is not possible to deliver a diploma of completion of MA (or related) studies within the deadline for submitting documents due to waiting for the defense of the master’s thesis, it is allowed to provide a certificate of graduation and waiting for the defense of the master’s thesis, along with an indication of the date of defense and the information on average overall grade. The candidate is conditionally admitted to recruitment and is obliged to deliver the diploma or a certificate confirming completion of defense and obtaining a master’s degree before the date of the qualification exam for KISD (at least one working day before the exam).

Important! The candidate for the recruitment procedure shall provide the original documents, unless the list of attachments indicates otherwise.

If recruitment documents are delivered through a representative, the documents must be accompanied by a signed power of attorney.

Step 3 – provide documents to the PhD School secretary office within the time indicated in the recruitment procedure

Schedule of the recruitment procedure is announced on the school website.

Step 4 – get a formal assessment of the application

The recruitment procedure is composed of the following stages:

  • call for applications,
  • major examination.

The applications undergo formal verification. The verification is conducted by the competent Recruitment Committees. Incomplete applications or applications of candidates who have not met formal requirements will not be considered. Candidates who have met formal requirements and earned at least 8 points in total for the for the average overall grade and for scientific record and achievements (criteria are referred in Recriutment regulations) will be admitted to the major exam.

Step 5 – pass the exam

After the verification of the applications a detailed schedule of major exams will be published on the PhD School website. The schedule will include the dates, hours and place of major exams for particular candidates.

A major exam taken by a Candidate will be conducted by the competent Recruitment Committee at the seat of the Unit at which a given research topic is to be pursued.

The scope of the examination is published on the school’s website.

Step 6 – deliver to school the declaration on undertaking training at KISD

Within 5 days from the day of publishing the list of the PhD students, each of them is obliged to deliver the declaration on:

  • undertaking training at the PhD School,
  • choosing the Unit at which a research topic shall be pursued,
  • not undertaking training at any other PhD school.

Template for declaration: doc, pdf

Recruitment 2019/2020

Recruitment results 2019/2020