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STER Programme

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Krakow School of Interdisciplinary PhD Studies received funding in the STER Programme – Internationalisation of doctoral schools. The Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange granted a system support package for the period from 04/01/2021 to 31/12/2023 (2020 edition).

The financing may cover:

1. activities related to acquiring foreign doctoral students;

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2. payment of the Agency’s scholarships for the best foreign doctoral students and doctoral students from Poland carrying out doctoral projects in international cooperation and aiming to obtain a joint degree or double degree – payment after approval of an individual research proposal;

Call for applications for the payment of scholarships for the best PhD students of the Krakow School Interdisciplinary PhD Studies implementing a doctoral project in international cooperation and aiming at obtaining a joint PhD degree or double PhD degree

3. support for foreign mobility for the best doctoral students from Poland and abroad (1 to 10 months) who pursue education at a doctoral school;

Regulations for supporting foreign mobility under the STER program – internationalization of doctoral schools

Calls for applications to the STER programme at KISD– foreign mobility

Applicants are informed about the results by e-mail.

4. developing internationalization activities “at home”;

Announcement on organising visits of foreign professors, supervisors and assistant supervisors who conduct classes or guest lectures for KISD doctoral students

5. activities related to the development of international cooperation of doctoral schools;

6. activities related to the substantive management of the Project.

STER Programme 2020- Regulations