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STER- calls for applications to the program

Call for applications for the STER program – Internationalization of Doctoral Schools at the Krakow School of Interdisciplinary PhD Studies

Call No. 2/2021 of October 4,2021

This is the second announcement concerning implementation the NAWA-STER program obtained for KISD for the years 2021-2023. NAWA-STER program is aimed at internationalization of doctoral schools – in particular its goal is enabling doctoral students (in our case enrolled to KISD, because the program is addressed to them) to realization of internships and other forms of research stays in indicated scientific centers abroad. I would like to remind you that under the STER program the financing granted to its beneficiaries covers ONLY travel costs (flat-rate depending on the distance) and accommodation/living costs (also flat-rate in monthly „quantized” rate) depending on the length of stay: PLN 12,000 per month for OECD countries, PLN 8,000 per month for non-OECD countries) of staying abroad. The STER program does not cover any costs of research, access to equipment, training fees, participation in conferences, etc.

Detailed information is available on NAWA’s website:

The beneficiaries of the call will be selected through an open competition from among those PhD students from KISD who will, by 2 p.m. ,Friday, October 22 this year (see the comment at the end of the text !!!), submit to the KISD Secretariat applications approved by their supervisors and containing mandatory information on:

1. the place of the planned trip (center, research group, etc.), time and duration – note: the trip cannot be shorter than 1 month; please bear in mind that the trips started in this calendar year should end this year – this will allow you to settle accounts and avoid answering questions what the visitor in the foreign laboratory  is doing there during the holiday season;

2. short (max. 2 pages) description of the research project planned to be realized during the stay in the inviting center. The description should contain information on:

a) a plan of stay covering the subject and purpose of the research – necessarily related to the preparation of the doctorate – together with the justification for the length of the planned stay;

b) the impact of the visit on cooperation with the selected center – whether it is a continuation of the existing scientific cooperation and implementation of existing projects, or an activity leading to establishing cooperation in the near future;

c) whether the scientific results of the visit  can be documented by joint publications or conference presentations – especially important in the case of longer trips;

d) whether the trip can be treated as an “introduction” to further contacts/cooperation enabling the doctoral student to conduct research in international cooperation, eg as part of the NAWA-Bekker scholarship, NCN grants – Preludium or Miniatura, co-tutelle program, etc .;

e) whether the visit and research, possibly not restricted to a single visit, creates opportunities for conducting work on a doctorate in a more formalized manner backgrounded in international cooperation agreements, eg under the supervision of two supervisors,  „double/joint” doctorate, etc. Such so-called hard results of the project will be very important for evaluation of the project and its prospective continuation.

3. VERY IMPORTANT – an invitation from a foreign center confirming the readiness to admit the person in the period specified in point 1 must confirm the lack of possible requests for co-financing of the research and the lack of formal and organizational obstacles related to the pandemic.

Currently, because of pandemic situation I suggest planning trips for a shorter period of time (but still at least one month long) aimed at carrying out less time-consuming research and possibly preparing for longer research done in 2022.

All students planning to apply for STER scholarships should read very carefully the requirements set out in the program regulations, in particular read the documents that the beneficiaries of the program are obliged to submit both before and after their return. Note that the most important is to obtain a certificate confirming the stay at the inviting center accepted by local supervisor.

Comment: applications for trips planned for 2021 will be evaluated on a continuously to enable their implementation this year. Please note that the time needed to prepare and approve the required documents is approx. 1 month.

More information:

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