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The field of engineering and technology, the discipline of material engineering

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Current recruitment procedures for projects:

Recruitment procedure for the research topic (details of the procedure at the link)Candidate for doctoral supervisorRecruitment application periodDate of recruitment announcement
Porous materials produced from ice templates dedicated to
endothelial-muscle cell coculture
dr hab. inż Roman Major
The use of battery mass to produce critical metal compounds (Co, Ni, Li) and hydrogen storage materialsdr hab. inż. Adam Dębski21.08.2023-25.08.202321.07.2023
Preparation and multi-scale characterization of materials from high-melting metals produced in the LPBF technologydr hab. inż. Łukasz Major21.08.2023-25.08.202321.07.2023
Numerical and experimental studies for a newly developed steel type in hot forming processesdr hab. inż. Maciej Szczerba21.08.2023-25.08.202321.07.2023
Development of technology to produce ferrite nanoparticles for catalytic and medical applications in the form of stable aqueous dispersionsdr hab. Joanna Wojewoda-Budka21.08.2023-25.08.202321.07.2023
Fatigue properties of Ni-Mn-Ga-based alloys produced by rapiddr hab. inż. Maciej Szczerba21.08.2023-25.08.202321.07.2023
Recruitment completed:
Thermodynamic properties and structure of Cu-Mg-Ti and Ag-Mg-Ti alloys and their potential to interact with hydrogendr hab. inż. Adam Dębski19.06.2023-23.06.202318.05.2023