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Current recruitment procedures for projects:

Recruitment procedure for the research topic (details of the procedure at the link)Candidate for doctoral supervisorRecruitment application periodDate of recruitment announcement
New approach to the treatment of Alzheimer s disease targeting resolution of inflammation and modulation of biomechanical properties of microglia by FPR2 hybrid agonistsProf. dr hab. Agnieszka Basta-Kaim19.06.2023-23.06.202318.05.2023
Neural mechanisms of opioid addiction and new ways of therapyProf. dr hab. Ryszard Przewłocki19.06.2023-23.06.202318.05.2023
Brain GABAB receptors as determinants of obesity phenotypes: evaluation of adolescent female and male ratsProf. dr hab. Małgorzata Filip19.06.2023-23.06.202318.05.2023
Early-life programming for neurodevelopmental disorders: search for a prodrome target within the
vascular network in a rat model of maternal obesity
Prof. dr hab. Małgorzata Filip19.06.2023-23.06.202318.05.2023