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Annual report

A PhD student is obliged to submit an annual report at the end of each year of training.

An annual report should be submitted together with a supervisor’s or supervisors’ opinion on the progress in the implementation of the Training Program and progress in the completion of tasks specified in an Individual Research Proposal (Polish: Indywidalny Plan Badawczy, IPB).

If the progress and advancement in work demonstrated in an annual report differs from the schedule of the implementation of an Individual Research Proposal, a PhD student is obliged to submit a written justification for the differences, approved by his/her supervisor or supervisors, and prepare an appropriate correction of the Individual Research Proposal.

Part of the annual report is a students’ academic progress records containing a list of completed classes and vocational training undertaken by a PhD student in a given year.

A template of the annual report- version PL/ENG

A template of the students’ academic progress records- version PL/ENG

Instructions for submitting the annual report

A PhD student submits the printed and signed version of his/her annual report together with his/ her student grade book to the appropriate Deputy Director. A  PhD student attaches documents confirming:

  • the achievement of the result of research activities,
  • the implementation of the activity preparing PhD student for research work or development work.

An annual report should be submitted in the last two weeks of a given education year. (e.g. if the year started at the beginning of October, in the last two weeks of September of the following calendar year).

The report shall be reviewed by a committee composed of:

  • the PhD School Director,
  • the competent PhD School Deputy Director at a given Unit,
  • senior research worker of the competent Unit appointed by its Director or Rector, or a person authorized by the Rector.

Submission of an annual report is necessary for the PhD student to complete a given year of education.

The promotion is shown in the student grade book.