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Apostille or legalisation of diploma of foreign candidates

Candidates admitted to KISD who have completed their studies abroad are required to present a diploma that has been legalised or provided with an apostille, together with a supplement containing information on the scale of marks used, or another document confirming the completion of studies abroad and giving the right to apply for the award of a doctoral degree, or one recognised as equivalent to the Polish diploma of completion of second-cycle studies or comprehensive master’s studies and the professional title of Master or Master of Engineering.

Apostille and legalisation is a certification that a document comes from a competent office – it is authentic.

1. Legalisation. The document must be legalised at the embassy/consulate if it was issued in a country which is not a party to the Hague Convention. List of Hague Convention countries– a country not on the list. 

Legalization may be done by:

(a) a consul of the Republic of Poland, competent for the country on whose territory or in whose system of education or higher education the document was issued, or

b) a diplomatic mission or consular post accredited in Poland or another EU/EFTA/OECD Member State for the country on whose territory or in whose system of education or higher education the document was issued.

To have your diploma legalised, contact the relevant embassy/consulate.

Polish representations in the world

Diplomatic missions in Poland

2. Apostille. Your document must be provided with an apostille if it was issued in a country that is a party to the Hague Convention (a convention abolishing the requirement of legalisation for foreign public documents). List of Hague Convention countries (if you click on a country, you will find a list of institutions that issue apostilles; for information on the procedure, contact the relevant institution directly).

IMPORTANT: The doctoral school does not participate in the procedure of obtaining an apostille/legalization. The process of obtaining an apostille/legalization can take a long time, so you should start it early enough.