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Appointing supervisors

Scientific supervision over the preparation of a doctoral dissertation is provided by:

  • the supervisor or,
  • supervisors (up to two)  or,
  • the supervisor and assistant supervisor.

A supervisor may be a person holding a degree of doktor habilitowany or the title of profesor, and an assistant supervisor may be a person holding a degree of doctor.

The supervisor may be a person who does not meet the above-mentioned conditions, which is an employee of a foreign higher education institution or a research institution if the body authorized to award the doctoral degree considers that the person has significant achievements in the scientific field associated with their doctoral dissertation.

A supervisor shall not be a person who in the last 5 years:

  • has been a supervisor of 4 doctoral students who were removed from the register of doctoral students due to a negative result of mid-term evaluation,
  • has supervised the preparation of a dissertation by at least 2 persons applying for the degree of doktor who did not receive positive reviews the doctoral dissertation

Within 3 months from the day of undertaking training a PhD student shall be assigned to a supervisor or supervisors, or a supervisor and an assistant supervisor.

A  supervisor or  supervisors,  or  a  supervisor  and  an  assistant  supervisor  shall be  appointed  by  the competent Scientific Council or Scientific Discipline Council of the Unit where  the  PhD student shall pursue a research topic, upon the request of the appropriate PhD School Deputy Director. For the appointment of supervisor, please contact the appropriate PhD School Deputy Director .

The role of the supervisor, the principles of the cooperation between the supervisor and doctoral student, good practices (PL)

The responsibilities of a supervisor shall include in particular:

  • conducting mentorship over a PhD student and his/her doctoral dissertation,
  • working out an individual research proposal together with a PhD student,
  • exercising supervision over the progress in the implementation of an individual research proposal on a regular basis,
  • approving a PhD student’s annual report.

In  consultation  with  a  supervisor  or  supervisors,  a  PhD  student  develops  an  individual  research proposal, which is then submitted on his/her behalf to the PhD School Director by the competent PhD School Deputy Director – not later than within 12 months from the day of undertaking training. In the event that an assistant supervisor is appointed, the individual research proposal shall be submitted also after the approval of this supervisor.

A  supervisor  may apply for the evaluation of a PhD student’s progress in research, that  shall  be conducted  under  the  committee’s  supervision  only  once  during  the  whole  training  period  of  this student at the PhD School, but no sooner than after completing the first year of doctoral training by the student