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COVID-19 Rules of conducting classes at KISD:

  • From October 1 this year all classes will be conducted stationary. Doctoral students will be informed about any changes and conducting classes remotely.
  • Classes are conducted in lecture halls belonging to the units forming KISD according to the rules that apply in these units.
  • Doctoral students are obliged to immediately notify the relevant KISD unit and the KISD secretariat:

 – about the confirmed infection caused by SARS-CoV-2 virus, decisions regarding the isolation period,

– about being quarantined due to a referral for a coronavirus infection test,

– about being quarantined due to contact with an infected person.

Procedure in case of symptoms suggesting a coronavirus infection (fever, cough, shortness of breath, smell and taste disturbances):

  • undergo immediate self-isolation and provide information to the KISD Unit and the KISD Secretariat,
  • remote obtaining a referral for a test and its execution,
  • in case of a positive test result – undergoing isolation within the period specified by the doctor.

Procedure in the event of confirmation of coronavirus infection:

  • the appropriate KISD unit and the KISD Secretariat should be notified of the infection,
  • information on the quarantine period, date of examination must be provided,
  • a list of people with whom the infected had contact in the KISD units during the 7 days before the examination should be provided,
  • undergoing isolation within the period specified by the doctor.

Useful information:

• National Health Fund hotline, in case of questions or doubts, please call the National Health Fund hotline: 800 190 590.

• Useful pages:

– Current rules and restrictions:

– Register of primary health care facilities (POZ):

– Sanitary and epidemiological stations: