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Description of selected classes from I Semester – year 2020-2024

Python ecosystem – data analysis tools for scientists

Lecturer dr Leszek Grzanka

Hours: 20 h

Language: Polish or English


The aim of the course is to give basic knowledge and abilities in data analysis. The course is built around the ecosystem of Python language and libraries related to data science. We offer students a short theoretical introduction, practical exercises, pair programming and code review experience.
Course programme:

  1. Introduction to Python programming language, basic syntax and constructs, typing
  2. Operations on lists, numpy library
  3. Computational notebooks, matplotlib library
  4. Scipy library and numerical recipes
  5. Application design and architecture: functions, classes and modules
  6. Machine learning, scikit-learn library
  7. Neural networks
  8. Code debugging techniques
  9. Data analysis in domains suggested by students

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