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Individual Research Proposal

Within 12 months of starting doctoral training a PhD School student is obliged to prepare an individual research proposal (Polish: Indywidualny Plan Badawczy, IPB). A PhD student shall prepare the individual research proposal jointly with his/her supervisor or supervisors. If the scientific mentorship over the preparation of a doctoral dissertation is provided also by an auxiliary supervisor, the individual research proposal should be evaluated also by this supervisor.

The implementation of an individual research proposal should ensure that the doctoral training is completed on time and that the learning outcomes referred to Training program are achieved.

An individual research proposal is the starting point for annual reports submitted by a PhD student each year. The implementation of the proposal is a subject to mid-term evaluation. Therefore, the preparation of proposal should be considered, the dates and the ability to complete tasks correctly estimated.


Indyvidual Research Proposal-Instruction

Update of the individual research proposal PL/ENG template