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Research topics- IGSMiE PAN

The field of engineering and technology, the discipline of environmental engineering, mining and energy

List of research topics

No.Research topicCandidate for doctoral supervisor
1Assessment of effects of dependence of billing tariffs on the level of energy utilization in case of a geothermal district heating system (details) dr hab. inż. Leszek Pająk
2Verification of the possibility for synthesis and modification of micro/mesoporous solid sorbents based on silica and activated carbon (details)dr hab. inż. Magdalena Wdowin
3Development and verification of methods of producing mineral-organic fertilisers based on waste materials (details)dr hab. Marzena Smol
4Methods of water recovery and water reuse from rainwater and sewage (details)dr hab. Marzena Smol
5The long-term impact of the energy transformation on the structure of power generation in Poland (details)prof. dr hab. inż. Jacek Kamiński