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Doctoral scholarship

A PhD student without a doctoral degree receives a doctoral scholarship.

The amount of the monthly doctoral scholarship is equal to at least:

  • 37% of the professor’s salary – up to the month in which the mid-term evaluation was conducted- 2 371,7 zł;
  • 57% of the professor’s salary – after the month in which the mid-term evaluation was conducted- – 3 653,7 zł.

The minimum basic salary for a professor at a public university specified in the regulation is PLN 6,410.00

A PhD student with a disability certificate or equivalent, receives a doctoral scholarship in the amount increased by 30%.

The total scholarship payment period at the PhD School may not exceed 4 years. The period of 4 years does not include the period of suspension training. A PhD student who has submitted a doctoral dissertation before the date of completion of doctoral training specified in the training program shall receive a doctoral scholarship until this date, but not longer than for 6 months.

A PhD student after mid-term evaluation finished with a positive result may be employed as an academic teacher or researcher. If the employment exceeds half of the full-time job, the amount of the doctoral scholarship is 40% of the monthly scholarship.

Doctoral scholarships are exempt from tax.

Contributions to ZUS

The doctoral scholarship is subject to social security contributions: pension contribution, disability pension contribution and accident contribution. Sickness insurance is voluntary.

Entries to ZUS and settlement of contributions are made by the entity running the doctoral school called the payer.

Financing of contributions

  • the pension contribution – is financed in equal parts by a PhD student and the payer (9.76% each).
  • the disability pension contribution- the part in the amount of 1.5% is financed by the a PhD student, and part in the amount of 6.5% of the base is financed by the payer.
  • the accident contribution is paid in full by the payer
  • the voluntary sickness contribution (2.45%) is paid in full by a PhD student.

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Voluntary insurance for PhD students from outside EU / EFTA

A PhD student from outside EU/EFTA  may be covered by health insurance by signing an agreement with the Polish National Health Fund (NFZ) and paying the health insurance contributions.

The agreement shall be signed in the Polish National Health Fund (NFZ) branch in Kraków (more details).

More details (in Polish)