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Mid-term Evaluation

The implementation of an individual research proposal is subject to mid-term evaluation in the middle of the education period.

The mid-term evaluation ends with a positive or negative result. A positive result of the mid-term evaluation is a condition for continuing education at KISD. A negative evaluation causes the doctoral student to be removed from the list of doctoral students and the end of education at the doctoral school.

Committee for the Mid-term Evaluation of PhD Students

Mid-term  evaluation  shall  be  conducted  by  a  committee  composed  of  three  members, including at least one person holding the degree of doktor habilitowany or the title of profesor in the discipline in which the dissertation is being prepared, employed outside the entity operating the doctoral school. The supervisor and assistant supervisor shall not be members of the committee. A representative of the PhD students has the right to partake in the work of the Committee, but without voting rights.

The Mid-term Evaluation is carried out by the Committee based on:

  • a written summary of professional accomplishments of a PhD student,
  • an interview with a PhD student.

Details on the mid-term evaluation

Summary of professional accomplishments of a PhD student (PL)

Protocol for the Commission (PL)

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Committee for the Mid-term Evaluation
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