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Research topics – IKiFP PAN

The field of natural sciences, the discipline of chemical sciences

List of research topics with details in Polish and English:

No.Research topicCandidate for doctoral supervisor
1Effect of the solvent on the formation mechanism and physicochemical properties of polyelectrolyte complexes (details)Dr hab. inż. Piotr Batys
2Protein sequence changes as a tool to control their interactions (details)Dr hab. inż. Piotr Batys
3Determination of the mechanisms and kinetics of protein corona formation on the macroions modified interfaces (details)Dr hab. inż. Małgorzata Nattich-Rak
4Oxygen electrode materials for reversible solid oxide cells (details)dr hab. Michał Mosiałek
5Determining the mechanisms of phase separation of proteins linked to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (details)Dr hab. Anna Bratek-Skicki
6Studying the influence of small molecules on liquid-liquid phase separation of proteins linked to neurodegenerative diseases (details)Dr hab. Anna Bratek-Skicki
7Functional polymeric nanocarriers of anticancer drugs – synthesis and evaluation of their potential anticancer properties (details)Dr hab. Krzysztof Szczepanowicz
8Metallic nanoparticles for printed electronics (details)Dr hab. Krzysztof Szczepanowicz
9Tungsten Aldehyde Oxidoreductase/Hydrogenase – a study of the mechanism of the enzymatic reaction and its application to the synthesis of organic compounds (details)Prof. dr hab. Maciej Szaleniec
10Self-Assembly Behavior of Proteins (details)Prof. dr hab. Barbara Jachimska
11Protein systems at interphase (details)Prof. dr hab. Barbara Jachimska
12Multiscale analysis of surface roughness in model systems (details)Dr hab. Paweł Weroński
13Adsorption of gases on monocrystalline surfaces of transition metal oxides (details)Prof. dr hab. Nika Spiridis
14Degradation process of works of art made of poli(vinyl chloride) (details)Prof. dr hab. Łukasz Bratasz
15Synthesis of new conjugates of neuroleptics belonging to phenothiazine derivatives with gold nanoparticles and evaluation of their activity in protein fibrillation processes (details)Dr hab. Magdalena Oćwieja
16Synthesis and applications of novel green solvents based on monomers
from bacterial polymers (details)
Dr hab. Maciej Guzik
17Bacterial polymer-based scaffolds for tissue regeneration (details)Dr hab. Maciej Guzik
18Synthesis and applications of novel green surfactants produced by
bacterial fermentation (details)
Dr hab. Maciej Guzik