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Research topics – IKiFP PAN

The field of natural sciences, the discipline of chemical sciences

List of research topics with details in Polish and English:

No. Research topic Doctoral supervisor
1 The interaction of proteins with selected ligands using modern experimental and theoretical methods (MD). (details) dr hab. inż. Barbara Jachimska, prof. IKiFP PAN
2 Stability aspects of protein systems using modern experimental and theoretical methods (MD). (details) dr hab. inż. Barbara Jachimska, prof. IKiFP PAN
3 Quantitative description of binding and release of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to mono and multilayers of biocompatible polyelectrolytes. (details) dr hab. Aneta Michna
4 Preparation of the electrocatalysts for oxygen reduction reaction and characterization of their physicochemical and electrocatalytic properties. (details) dr hab. inż. Aleksandra Pacuła
5 Epitaxial magnetic layer systems for spintronic applications. (details) dr hab. Nika Spiridis prof. IKiFP PAN
6 Adsorption of gases on monocrystalline surfaces of transition metal oxides. (details) dr hab. Nika Spiridis prof. IKiFP PAN
7 Development of a whole-cell biotechnological system for fumarate adding enzymes. (details) Prof. dr hab. Maciej Szaleniec
8 Quantum chemical description of mechanism of reactions with HPA systems. (details) dr hab. Renata Tokarz-Sobieraj prof. IKiFP PAN
9 Multiscale analysis of surface roughness in model systems. (details) dr hab. Paweł Weroński, prof. IKiFP Pan
10Surface modification of magnesium alloys in terms of antibacterial and anti-corrosive properties. (details)dr hab. Michał Mosiałek
11Process of crack formation in paint layers. (details)dr hab. Bratasz Łukasz
12Parameterization and application of coarse-grained force field for simulations of carbohydrates. (details)dr hab. Wojciech Płaziński, prof. IKiFP PAN
13Inhibition of protein fibrillization processes with the use of gold nanoparticles conjugated with biologically active substances. (details)dr hab. Magdalena Oćwieja
14Conformation of small molecules studied by applying machine learning approaches (details)dr hab. Wojciech Płaziński, Prof. IKiFP PAN
15Oxygen electrode materials for reversible solid oxide cells (details)dr hab. Michał Mosiałek